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Thread: Southern NV Watchdogs/Ted Moody, 25 March, 6pm UNLV

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    Southern NV Watchdogs/Ted Moody, 25 March, 6pm UNLV

    Sheriff Candidate Ted Moody and the Southern NV Watchdogs are holding an event on Tuesday, March 25th 6pm at the UNLV Student Union, Room 218. There will be food and refreshments. The event is being sponsored by Young Americans for Liberty.

    I'll be checking it out (unfortunately not carrying since it is on campus) since I am out of the loop with the prospective candidates. I'll be sure to ask him questions regarding OC and the Blue card boondoggle. (There is a 'free' parking lot (S lot) on Harmon across from the intramural fields and the Tennis center which is on the other side of the campus. It's a bit of a hike. Otherwise, there are parking meters but not sure what the price tag is per hour etc.)

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    I won't make it, but thank you. Please feel free to mention you are asking on behalf of several people, if it helps.

    A candidate is likely to pass the buck for the registration program to the county ordinance, since sheriffs don't write the law. Don't let him get away with that. The ordinance is still there because of the active support for it by the previous sheriffs. Remember that the current sheriff has refused to conduct an audit on the program, as requested by the County Commission.
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