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Thread: - Judicial tide turns in favor of gun rights

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    8,709 - Judicial tide turns in favor of gun rights


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    Following Posner’s 2012 opinion in Moore, other courts, citing to Moore, began applying stricter scrutiny to governmental restrictions on the right to keep and carry weapons in case of confrontation. In July of 2013 the Federal District Court in Colorado struck down the US Post Office’s regulation banning gun carry on Post Office Parking lots.

    And more gun rights court wins followed, gradually eclipsing gun rights cases losses – here are some of the growing number of state and federal Second Amendment cases - issued at about the rate of two per month - striking down gun bans around the United States:

    December 2013 – Florida Appeals Court says state colleges cannot ban guns on campus.

    December 2103 – Even in the Second-Amendment-hostile Second Circuit, Federal Judge strikes down New York’s 7-round ammunition as essentially not passing the “giggle test,” and other parts of the so-called SAFE Act as void for vagueness.

    January 2014 – Federal judge strikes down Chicago ban on operating licensed gun stores.

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    That's the first I heard that New York's mag ban was struck down. Awesome news.

    Didn't pass "the giggle test" - that is right on the money, apparently there is a sane judge left back there.

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    Now if we could only get the Second Amendment immunity from the Commerce Clause through the use of “Shall Not Be Infringed”. Then we will have unseated the vast majority of federal gun laws.
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