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Thread: See what happens with 10 round mag limits?!

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    See what happens with 10 round mag limits?!

    More than two dozen gunshots were fired in the parking lot of a Waterbury strip club in one of the largest-scale shootings ever in Waterbury.

    The Republican-American reports that Police Chief Vernon Riddick, Jr. said he doesn't remember so many shots fired in one incident in his 23-year career.

    Three people suffered minor gunshot wounds in the early Saturday morning melee outside Pandora's Cabaret, a strip club on Washington Avenue, according to Deputy Chief Christopher Corbett.

    Two men were shot in the ankle and another was shot in the hip. About 150 people were in the bar when a fight broke out shortly after 4 a.m. Bouncers pushed the fight into the parking lot, where the gunshots were fired.

    The shooters had fled before police arrived.

    Authorities said an arrest warrant has been issued for 32-year-old Javier Vasquez and police are currently looking for him.

    Vasquez will face gun possession and attempted assault assault charges.

    Police found 29 shell casings in the parking lot. At least three guns were used.

    Poor criminal had to use three different guns!

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    3 guns 29 shell casings, that's a win for the gun control folk.

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