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Thread: My Introduction/questions

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    My Introduction/questions

    Hello everyone, we might very well have a new person carrying in Minnesota soon ! I will be taking a "Concealed" carry class in about a week, then I'll be applying for a permit to carry at my local sheriff's office. which I think won't take long at all to get a response (live in a fairly small town and don't get many applicants I would guess...took less than 24 hours to get a permit to purchase ) I don't got much experience with firearms...I've shot a few guns here and there...I purchased my first handgun about a week ago an Ruger SR22 (.22LR Rimfire) not bad for a "starter gun" I've gone to the range a few times already..pretty nice gun I must say...I will most likely be purchasing a Glock 19 this week and pick up a Walther P22 I was debating over the Ruger SR22 soon as well.

    Might as well ask some questions on this thread instead of spamming with new posts.

    Open Carrying in car...Is it fine to lets say..have a loaded firearm on my passenger seat while I'm in the vehicle without anyone else in the vehicle but myself ? (I'm single, no kids...and I never let anyone else in my vehicle)
    If I were to leave the vehicle I would not be dumb enough to leave it where visible or in the vehicle at all unless I'm in it.

    Conceal Carrying...I would like to carry the ruger sr22 I purchased or the walther p22 I'll be purchasing as they're fairy small and fit perfectly fine in my pocket...I usually wear fairly loose cargo's, I can't stand anything tight...I can pull out the firearm probably just as fast as if holstered if needed...does Minnesota require the firearm to be in a holster when conceal carrying ?

    I know I know a .22 probably isn't the BEST thing to be carrying for self defense...we just won't go into that for now

    We'll probably go over these questions in class but might as well ask now.

    Thanks for reading

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    Welcome to OCDO.

    Please do not travel with a handgun on the passenger seat - too many things can go bad with that. Think flying missile with a sudden stop.

    Since you must have a permit to carry, why not make use of that benefit and keep the gun on your person at all times?

    As you become more knowledgeable and comfortable, hopefully you will decide on something more effective than .22 rim fire - still something is better than nothing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grapeshot View Post
    hopefully you will decide on something more effective than .22 rim fire - still something is better than nothing

    .22lr is a bad decision for personal protection for multiple reasons.

    The rest of your questions will be covered ad-nauseum by your Permit to Carry class, assuming you have a competent instructor.
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