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Thread: Another 'smart gun' technology, cheaper - Identilock, with rechargeable battery.

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    Another 'smart gun' technology, cheaper - Identilock, with rechargeable battery.

    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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    The main point of firearms ownership is home defense...
    I don't agree with this, but I digress. I don't see this as "smart gun" technology as it doesn't modify the gun, it's just a biometric trigger lock. They seriously need to incorporate a manual key override if there's not already one in the event of drained batteries or some other malfunction.

    You can keep your gun ready to protect your family in an instant, while protecting your family from your gun at the same time.
    I get it. I really do, but this is why you teach your kids firearms safety and the dangers of mishandling them.

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    They need to issue them to everyone on the Presidential Secret Service security detail, the entire Capitol Hill Police, and every other Federal and local Law Enforcement officer first.

    Let them "Beta" test it for a few years.
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    Any such devices that rely upon a battery or electricity where when the battery is dead one cannot access the gun ... is DOA, a violation of the 2nd amendment

    And any non-electrical ones are too

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