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Thread: California lawmaker in legal trouble

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    California lawmaker in legal trouble

    Another anti-gun California lawmaker in legal trouble today
    I truly Love my Country, But the government scares the he!! out of me.

    Congress SHALL NOT receive A salary greater than any service member and will be given EQUIVELANT insurance as any service member

    I came into this world kicking and screaming covered in someone else's blood. And if necessary to protect the Constitution of The United States of AMERICA. I will go out the same way

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    Anti gun CA sentor arrested for gun running

    Must be trying to corner the market.

    full story at the link


    It what would surely place his likeness prominently on the Mt. Rushmore of hypocrisy if the allegations are proven in a court of law, famously anti-gun California state Senator Leland Yee has been charged with, in addition to bribery and public corruption…yes…gun running. Specifically conspiring with known organized crime lord Kwok Cheung “Shrimp Boy” Chow to illegally import firearms and sell them without a license
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    This is so awesome. I really hope this guy does some serious hard federal prison time.

    While he is in prison we should all mail him pictures of our assault rifles and CCW's

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    Your thread title is misleading. It should read....

    California lawbreaker in legal trouble

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    Link did not work ...

    here's another:

    Same story ...

    Sad sad sad ... sure, make the story about chinatown .... sounds funner

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    Now we know why he was so rabidly anti-gun: He didn't want competition!

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    This from the Mercury article about Yee's buddy:
    Chow is not a U.S. citizen. He is being represented by public defender and lives in San Francisco with his girlfriend. He has been on electronic monitoring since he's been out of prison and seeking legal immigration stays, even during the current investigation….Federal law enforcement officials have been chasing Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow for decades, branding him one of the longtime Bay Area leaders of a Hong Kong-based criminal syndicate called the Wo Hop To. Chow's criminal rap sheet dates back to 1978, and includes federal racketeering indictments that have alleged attempted murder, murder-for-hire, gun trafficking and other crimes.

    Guess ICE is really on the case getting rid of non-US criminals.

    Also heard on Rush Limbaugh today that Yee is the guy that raised holy hell trying to get Limbaugh taken off the air after Limbaugh gypped the Obama press conference with the Chinese Leader. Payback time for a ChiCom tool.
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    2A or not 2A, that is the question

    I guess it was hard for him to decide:

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    Be active.

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    Just another

    Typical Californicate Democrat anti-gun hypocrite. Nothing new there, except he was caught and charged.

    Hopefully, he will be convicted and incarcerated for a long, long time.

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    Another case of "control for thee, but not for me".

    By any chance, was he a member of Illegal Mayors Against Guns?
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    I come from a land downunder.
    Well Well Well, its being discussed Down Under as well.

    " Story can be accessed from the NRA website.

    SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Before he was arrested and indicted on numerous federal charges Wednesday, including allegations of gun running, State Sen. Leland Yee was a major advocate for gun control and pushed to ban a device called a “bullet button.”
    In 2012, KPIX 5 reported on what gun control advocates called a huge loophole in California’s ban on assault weapons. The reports focused on the bullet button, a device that gun manufacturers designed in order to legally sell guns such as the AR-15 in California.
    The bullet button enables the magazine of a semi-automatic rifle to be removed quickly, with the tip of a bullet. Removable magazines in combination with other features like a pistol grip and telescoping stock are banned under California law. But the bullet button is legal because it doesn’t work with one’s finger, so the magazine is considered “fixed.”
    The report prompted Yee to introduce SB 249, which would have banned the bullet button. Yee received a lot of heat from gun advocates over it. Opponents even put up billboards on Bay Area freeways.
    Follow Our Related Coverage
    Raw Video: Sen. Yee In Custody
    Who is Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow?
    Arrest Is Latest Curveball For State Dems
    San Francisco Mayor Lee “Shocked”
    Yee: Effective Lawmaker Dogged By Controversy
    In an interview on KPIX 5, Yee said that he was not going to be intimidated, because he believed so strongly in keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys.
    “This is not an easy issue,” Yee said. “But I am a father, and I want our communities to be safe, and god forbid if one of these weapons fell into the wrong hands.”
    Yee’s bill was eventually merged with other gun control bills, but in the end Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the legislation.
    According to Wednesday’s indictment, Yee is charged with conspiracy to deal firearms without a license, along with conspiracy to illegally transport firearms. He is also accused of running a scheme to defraud citizens on his services and wire fraud.
    The government’s affidavit said that in August of 2013, at the same time Yee was pushing gun control laws, an undercover agent was being told the senator “had a contact who deals in arms trafficking.”
    In January of this year, the affidavit said Yee told that same agent that the arms dealer “Has things that you guys want.”
    The affidavit also said Yee claimed to know a weapons trafficker who he had known for years, who was supplying “cargo containers” of heavy weapons to Muslim rebels in the Philippines."
    When a criminal invades your home and has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.

    My Definition of Gun Control: The idea that dozens of people found dead in the Broadway Café, Tasmania, and many also seriously wounded, all while waiting for police, who were called to show up and protect them, is somehow morally superior to having several armed and therefore alive civilian's explaining to police how the attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

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    Typical anti American libtard, do as I say,not as I do. BTW, he did it for the children.

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