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Thread: Traveling to the Outer Banks

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    Traveling to the Outer Banks

    Hey everyone i have a quick question about open carrying! So basically I'm very new to, well, pistols and open carrying in general though I did purchase a Ruger SR22 and have been OC'ing for a few days now. (I have been doing research on the laws of OC'ing) I am going to the outer banks, now I LIVED there for 17 years and NEVER saw anyone OC'ing. My question is, "is there anything should know about OC'ing on the outer banks specifically?" Also does anybody have any experience OC'ing there? I tried searching but it seemed like everyone was from VA!

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    A hearty welcome Gethershredded.

    No problems with OC in the Outer Banks or the ferries there. Just become familiar with the specifics of NC restrictions/laws and enjoy.

    Virginia left the Outer Banks to NC because we already had enough that was beautiful in Virginia w/o them
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    here nc
    thats all right grape, cuz the only reason VA exists at all....nawllll i shant finish my thought ...

    welcome to the forum...when i was visiting and staying in the outer banks last year folk gave me an odd eye but never said a word.

    here is the NC AG's take on firearms for your reading pleasure...

    oh my it is a newer revision as of Feb i am obligated to pursue it

    anyway again welcome, enjoy your new found freedom...

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    I was in Corolla last July. OC'ed everywhere I went. Not a single problem from anyone.

    Wow America is really a cool place, even if just fpr a week.

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