Be on the lookout for a burgundy/red panel van, early 2000s Ford Econoline with Minnesota plates starting with WMR. Last night while at Kwik Trip we were pretty much targeted by a man in his mid 40s, about 6 feet tall with long greasy brown hair. When we pulled into the lot, he was creeping on some teenage girl. He tried to walk directly into the path of my moving car, then slowly walked by sizing me up and sat in his van staring at my girlfriend and kids with a sexual look on his face while I used the redbox. He attempted to follow us but I pulled into Taco Bell and got behind in an attempt to catch his whole plate number, but he eluded me by running the red and jumping a curb into the lot by home depot.

Called the police and made a report. I was concealing at the time, so that is why I haven't posted it in the Wisconsin subforum.

The van also has a black utility cage in the rear and is completely empty. If you see it, call 911. He also appears to be a chain smoker. There's something very very wrong with this guy.

He made me feel uneasy enough that I preformed a chamber check and I got balls of steel.