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Thread: Goldsboro's infamous WTs apparently changed entrance policy

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    Goldsboro's infamous WTs apparently changed entrance policy

    while i am sure some might not agree, being the fair minded individual i am, i thought i would report that WTs has changed their entrance requirements from a huge sign on the front stating "NO GUNs unless unloaded and in case" to small piece of paper on the door stating in general "Firearms can now be concealed or unloaded and in case'

    Yes i know it is CC and not OC, but baby steps for them baby steps...something to work towards.

    perhaps the marketing personnel decided what has been said out here all along...duh we are a gun store why don't we allow holstered guns?

    that clarified since i was one of the one's pitching a snit about their firearm policy, i just wanted to let everyone know of this policy change.

    that said...their prices are still outrageously high!!

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    When I Was there to pick up my guns in november-december time frame it had changed, but if I remember, it just said holstered or cased...didn't make specifics to OC or the time, I had already disarmed, not knowing they changed it and was too lazy to go back and get it. Not that they had a lot of my business before because of their prices, but if they changed to just CC specifically, that just turns me off from going there even more.

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