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Thread: Visiting the Area and open carry

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    Visiting the Area and open carry


    I might be in Lowell, MA, in May to visit family and would like to join in an open carry walk with good folks up in NH.
    Any planned events for 2nd half of May this year, 2014 ?
    Hopefully I can get my permit (form 6) to import my gun before this trip.

    Also, I might take advantage of getting new set of tires from the area (as Nokian model I want is not avail. in Canada, where I live), and would prefer
    to give business to pro 2nd amendment / pro gun business.

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    I don't think there have been very many OC events as of late, historically they have occurred after run ins/incidents. Nothing has really happened for a while. Most of the pro-gun rally's are OC events as well.

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