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Thread: State Preemption v. Jackson County Parks and Recreation.

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    State Preemption v. Jackson County Parks and Recreation.

    A group of us were thinking of having a summer barbeque at Bear Creek Reservoir in Jackson County. Unfortunately, it seems that Bear Creek has a park regulation that is not in accordance with the Georgia Code, specifically one that prohibits the possession of firearms.
    Georgia Code 16-11-173 is the preemption clause that reserves to the state legislature all regulation of firearms except their discharge and prohibits county or other municipal subdivisions from regulating firearms.

    I've found the contact page for Bear Creek and have written to encourage them to follow state law, I would encourage all Open Carry members in Georgia to to the same.

    Contact us
    It won't even cost a postage stamp to bring their attention to this matter.

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    Did You Receive a Response from The Jackson County Parks and Recreation Department?

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    if you know the ordinance is void, why spend any effort regarding it ... its void, behave as such.

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