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Thread: Seattle aquarium

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    Seattle aquarium

    Today the kidos wanted to go to the aquarium so we went. I am sporting my I love guns and coffee sweat shirt and my g26 in a level 2owb holster. Had a few funny looks from people and even one guy made a snarky comment about the sweatshirt then I let him know I support my rights. He shut up after that. Next we went to Seattle center for the activities there and I am open carry and no one has said a thing. Carry on!!

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    I carried at the aquarium last time I was in town, no issues as well.
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    Any "no spear guns" signs ?

    People ask me or comment on my gun I just ask the "u trying to take my gun away form me" .. they give a wide birth after that...

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    I've carried in the Aquarium a couple times with no issues. Once even at the Maritime museum (not sure if it's still there.)

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