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Thread: Pennsville Man cleared 1 year after racking shotgun on his porch

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    Pennsville Man cleared 1 year after racking shotgun on his porch

    Relates to OC of shotgun on his own front porch. Guy sees flashlights by his truck at 2am - goes onto porch, racks a shell, and then figures out it is the cops looking for a rowdy bar patron....

    Looks like McGraw's attorney was apologizing for his client. His word against the cops.
    Article doesn't say what weapon offenses he was charged with.

    Looks like the jury saw things from his point of view.
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    PENNSVILLE TWP. — Though a township man found innocent of gun charges in an incident with police is having a hard time in returning to a normal life, people on both sides of the case hope that the incident last year serves as a lesson for lawful gun owners.

    And the lesson? An AR10 is a better defense gun than a shotgun? Lob some 308's at them .. lesson learned.

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    Clearly the outcome of this incident could have been tragic..

    The anti's in NJ are pissed.However the 2A supporters and NJ tax payers should be the folks that are PO. Attempting to prosecute a citizen for simply defending his property and family from possible harm is a disgrace to its citizens...

    Mr. McGraw should seek redress against the local PD and the State for Illegal arrest, malicious prosecution, defamation of character, along with Constitutional rights violations. I would surly contribute to his cause.


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