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Thread: MCRGO/MOC/MGO Joint Picnic in Detroit: June 14, 2014

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    Thumbs up MCRGO/MOC/MGO Joint Picnic in Detroit: June 14, 2014

    MCRGO/MOC/MGO Joint Picnic in Detroit: June 14, 2014 @ Noon-3:00 PM

    When: June 14, 2014 @ Noon-3:00 PM
    Where: William G Milliken State Park and Harbor, Detroit, MI

    MCRGO is hosting a picnic.

    Come join MCRGO and the rest of Michigan’s Big 3 for our Southeast Michigan regional picnic in Downtown Detroit! These picnics are a chance for all gun owners and Second Amendment supporters to come together and enjoy good food, good conversation, and to discuss current Second Amendment rights issues. Both shelters at the park are now reserved.

    The lawful open carry of a holstered handgun is encouraged, but not required. Feel free to bring anyone along that you wish, this is open to the public and anyone can attend, membership not required. There will be members of leadership present from each gun rights organization so if you have any questions or concerns this is a fantastic chance to have your questions answered or to voice your concern about gun rights issue in our state.

    We do ask that you do NOT bring any alcoholic beverages, alcohol and firearms don’t mix, but if you would like to bring a dish to pass or a beverage to share feel free to bring it along. Some food will be provided by the participating organizations, but you can never have enough!
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    I hope there is a good turnout.

    Could be the most interesting picnic yet. There might be one protester.

    update: We never get a protester Met some great people.
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