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Thread: McKinney trying to make friends? He's just ******* me off further

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    McKinney trying to make friends? He's just ******* me off further

    Sen. John P. McKinney, a Republican who helped pass a bipartisan gun-control law after the Newtown school massacre in his district, tells a conservative audience in a video Democrats posted Wednesday that he would not block the law’s hypothetical repeal if elected governor.

    What a LIAR !!!!!! Who is falling for this crap?
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    McKinney trying to make friends??

    Pandering to the highest degree.

    A candidate for the governors chair states that "if" the legislature sends him a repeal of the recently passed gun law, that he would defer to the wishes of the people and sign it. This is the same gun law that as a sitting state senator he voted for, AGAINST the wishes of the very people he would seek to appease as governor? In the same article he states he did the right thing, and would not back down form his decision. Even claiming the law should not be changed or repealed.

    Mckinney knows there is no way a repeal will ever be attempted. The state legislature is solidly democrat majority. He is simply trying to get on the wave of negative sentiment forming around the gun issue. Crass pandering, that's all it is.
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    So, technically, he would have no problem with simply arresting people on mere suspicion of a crime.

    This offense could easily be rectified if the investigation eventually reveals their innocence.

    After all, releasing them would make everything right again.

    (He does believe that the end absolves the means, right?)

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