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Thread: What should one do when coming across this?

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    What should one do when coming across this?

    I would have gone up and give an opposing position at the same time ... interrupt this guy again and again.

    My freedom of speech...

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    We already knew they had a playbook:
    "You can't win by reason. Make it about emotion."

    That's why I've said we should counter with a REASONED emotional response:

    "What kind of monster would legislate away the protection of vulnerable individuals?"

    "What kind of a monster would pass laws making our children sitting ducks in the classroom?"

    "What kind of a monster would make a young college girl have only the option of vomiting or defacating on herself in hopes her attacker leaves her alone?"

    "What kind of a monster would advocate for leaving women/children/elderly individuals/small individuals at the mercy of thugs?"

    Ad infinitum. We can add emotion INTO our logical arguments; the antis can't say they're able to inject logic into their emotional arguments.
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    No guns = less gun crime.
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