Now he should lose his license to practice law for violating the ethical requirements of a judge.

3161 W. White Oaks Dr., Ste. 301
Springfield, IL 62704

Dear ARDC, 18 APR 14

I am writing to you to investigate a current licensed attorney in the State of Illinois.

The attorney is John Paul Stevens. He can be reached at:
United States Supreme Court
1 First St. NE
Washington, DC 20543

He is a judge. He has stepped down as an active judge for the US Supreme Court. He can still sit, hear, and decide cases at various federal appellate court(s).

Judge Stevens has had a book published, available for purchase (see attached Amazon ad), in which he advocates change to our laws and notably to the United States Constitution.

Such a publication by a Judge who can hear cases at the United States Appellate Court level simply cannot be acceptable under the code of Judicial Conduct and ethical conduct obligations by a judge and lawyer licensed in the State of Illinois.

The ARDC should take notice of the contents of the book "Six Amendments How and Why We Should Change the Constitution". Judge Stevens is campaigning for changes to the United States Constitution and using his prestige and influence as a Judge and former sitting Supreme Court Justice to push his manifesto as to what he sees as an idyllic America and to affect drastic changes to our federal constitution.

Agree or disagree with the Judge's proposed changes is not relevant to the charge made here as it is simply unacceptable for a Judge to lead a charge to change the laws that he may rule upon and to use his prestige and influence to affect changes in law. It is an serious abuse of his authority.

I would seek the revocation of his license to practice law that is within your authority.
And would request any other relief as available through the ARDC.

My letter to the reviewing branch of his law license. All should complain and demand that he lose his license !

With a poll.