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Thread: AN example of WHY we carry.

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    AN example of WHY we carry.

    Ladies and gents, here it is. Proof positive that carrying a gun is a good thing, whether its concealed or not.

    For those that are to lazy to click the link, short form is a group of guys tried to rob a Medawar Jewelers near Grand Rapids (hey! We were up that way not too long ago!) and the owners shot one of them. A beautiful thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by article
    Sheriff’s Dept.: Jeweler, son shoot at least 1 robber

    PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Two Plainfield Township jewelry store owners say they warned four would-be robbers before opening fire, shooting at least one.

    “We’re yelling, ‘We have guns. We have guns.’ He comes in aiming at us. What are we going to do?” David Medawar told 24 Hour News 8.
    Mistakes committed by the armed robbers:
    1) Being robbers
    2) Being VIOLENT criminals
    3) Deciding to rob the store even after being alerted to armed employees.

    Obviously the first two have the greatest impact in the whole ordeal (but they had no choice in the matter, seeing as they are probably just victims of society), but #3 seems to have been dealt with effectively by the armed LACs.
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    I carry to defend my loved ones; Desensitizing and educating are secondary & tertiary reasons. Anything else is unintended.

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