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Thread: This guy has all the luck - guy w/o arms - parking tickets, seatbelt tickets etc

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    This guy has all the luck - guy w/o arms - parking tickets, seatbelt tickets etc

    he's a trooper that's for sure ...

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    The problem here and mostly everywhere is that folks do not file law suits against the city, town and prosecutor..
    Your time is being wasted with this frivolous BS, if when you prevail, the time and cost needs to be recovered therefore one must file a suit to regain fees for time lost and pain and suffering...

    Also file a criminal charge against the prosecutor for malicious prosecution..

    There always is redress however most citizens simply pass and go home and that fellow OCers is the sad part of this issue...

    When you are wronged always seek redress in court... File pro se and break their stones...

    My .02


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    Maybe here in parts of Free America, but Canadians seem to have an entirely different philosophical and cultural view on the matter.

    stay safe.
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