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Thread: The Uncommon Fool Causey wrote, " I've got a concealed carry permit."

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    Thru Death's Door in Wisconsin

    The Uncommon Fool Causey wrote, " I've got a concealed carry permit."

    "Will you feel safer if Wisconsin passes a law allowing guns to be carried in places such as churches, school zones and parts of Mitchell International Airport? I wouldn't and I've got a concealed carry permit. "

    The CWL instructors liability exemption for good faith errors must be removed lest fools continue to prate so unaccountably.
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    To drive a car you have to show that you know how to merge into traffic and parallel park, but to legally carry a gun you don't even need to know how to handle a gun. That's nuts.

    Read more from Journal Sentinel:
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    Again, making a comparison to driving a car ... lame-o.

    That's the best he got, he should go swimming with rocks in his pocket.

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    Cars kill more people than guns, so putting aside the right vs. privilege thing, it still makes more sense to require testing for a car than a gun. Also, guns are far easier to operate safely than cars, and learning safety and operation can be done in a couple hours vs a few days for cars.

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    and I've got a concealed carry permit

    "and I've got a concealed carry permit"

    Um, NO, You Don't ! You have a license. I don't think they have ever printed it properly in this so called news paper yet.

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    One can carry in churches in Wis.

    I don't believe him when he's says he has a license or permit as he calls it.

    Anti's are know liars.
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