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Thread: Question about black powder in Missouri

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    Question about black powder in Missouri

    This question has been bugging me since last night, in fact it even kept me awake for some odd reason. Since a black powder pistol is not apparently considered a firearm does that mean it can be carried concealed with a permit? I don't own a black powder, I am just curious because it was an odd thought.

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    As above: Ask in the MO subforum. Normally, states do not differentiate between propellants or ammuntion types for determining mode of carry.

    The basis is in the language for the concealed carry permit: Does it say "firearm", or does it say "pistol/handgun"? If it says "firearm", then some eager beaver prosecutor with an axe to grind and a wild hair in his nether regions could make a case against CC.

    If this is all that keeps you awake at night, congratulations!

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    As stated go to the state specific forum. For the purpose of the Federal Gun Free Safety Zone Act a cap and ball revolver is not a firearm. As the act specially points to firearm not antique firearm, it is legal for carry without a permit within the 1000 foot perimeter. State school zone laws vary by state though.
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    From what I've read about Federal firearms laws a cap and ball black powder handgun is not technically considered a firearm.

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    Moved it and clarified the title.
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    Here ya go. Then apply the definitions to a specific situation. This does not mean that a cop, or prosecutor, will hold the same understanding as may hold.
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    (8) "Firearm", any weapon that is designed or adapted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive;

    Under Missouri Chapter 571 it appears a modern rifle, pistol or revolver that is designed to use modern smokeless powder, is not a "Firearm". Modern smokeless powder is classified and defined as a "propellant", not an "explosive.

    And no, I would not want to be the challenge case.

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