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Thread: Eric Dietz, Purdue research shows benefit to having guns in schools.

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    Eric Dietz, Purdue research shows benefit to having guns in schools.

    "Among those presenting, is the director of Purdue University’s Homeland Security Institute, Eric Dietz. By using a special threat assessment computer program, created by researchers at Purdue, they’ve come up with a way to look at the issue of guns in schools scientifically. “We want to educate the policy makers and the parents and citizens around the schools to try to make the best decision possible and make the best use of our limited tax dollars to secure us in the most advantageous way,” said Dietz.

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    This could cause siezures in liberals. I hope the NRA makes the point that this is what Wayne LaPierre said after Sandy Hook - ie "We were right."

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    Why is a "school resource officer" more "trustworthy" to bear arms in a school than any other law abiding citizen? Is there not a school district, or school, down in Texas somewhere that has some undisclosed number of their staff armed? Small school I seem to recall, maybe a private school.
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