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Thread: DOJ Operation Choke Point pressures banks to refuse service, gun biz & adult biz

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    DOJ Operation Choke Point pressures banks to refuse service, gun biz & adult biz

    "The U.S. government is attempting every possible angle to ensure Americans don’t have access to guns. The latest is a new twist on capital controls being instituted by the Department of Justice. The DOJ is why financial institutions are refusing services to companies as diverse as gun shops, bitcoin businesses, marijuana dispensaries and even the porn industry. Just last week a gun shop in Florida had an old bank account closed after their local bank was bought out by Wall Street interests."
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    Traditionally, banking has been a vital aspect of socialist and communist countries.

    The commies in America have always regretted that our government didn't control banking.

    Well, in the last 20 years they have made great strides in getting the federal government into banking.

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    The only one I agree with is the DOJ also wants to put the PayDay Lenders out of business. They are nothing but loan sharks that prey on those that are totally ignorant about handling money, charging 600% plus APR rates, and forever making sure they will always be poor.

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