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Thread: Utah Non-Resident CFP IS Accepted In PA

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    Utah Non-Resident CFP IS Accepted In PA

    If you are a not a resident of PA and hold a Utah non-resident CFP it WILL be accepted in PA. This directly to me in a phone conversation I had with the AG's office this past Mon. There's been a lot of rumor floating around concerning whether or not PA will or will not accept non-resident Utah permits. The only time they will not is if you are a PA resident, then you must have a PA permit.

    This is a handy reference which has all the latest:

    A shameless self promotion, I hold the Utah class every Wed. & Sat. in Easton, Md.

    The cost is $90 and that includes the Utah mandated fingerprinting. The Utah permit is now accepted in 33 States.

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    Sooo,,, Why dont you SPAM this posts to all the other states that are NOT Pennsylvania???
    So far you have spammed Maryland and Delaware,, and they are NOT Pennsylvania...
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    Utah Non-Resident CFP IS Accepted In PA

    I wouldn't carry in PA with a Utah non-resident CFP based on something someone wrote on the internet... and you shouldn't either.

    Here is what we have in writing, signed by PA's Attorney General and the Utah BCI;

    Notice reciprocity is granted to those with a Utah CFP that are residents of the state of Utah. Not anyone with a Utah CFP.

    Are you able to substantiate your claim in any way?
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