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Thread: Sb 231

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    Sb 231

    Does anyone know if SB 231 passed back in 2011? It has to do with allowing concealed and open carry of weapons on UNLV and CSN campuses.

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    The Legislature was not allowed to vote on "campus carry" in 2013, either. The committee chairman, Ass Jason Frierson, refused to allow it out of committee for personal reasons. It was a sham, just like before when Ass William Horne did the same thing in 2011. They are both bloodguilty.

    Reminders: It is only a gross misdemeanor to have possession of a firearm on campus without written permission. A gross misdemeanor is not a small thing, but it is not a felony. This assumes you have a CCW permit, else concealing a firearm is a Category C felony.

    In order to help the Legislature, please write to your campus and request permission. Copy the reply, or note the lack thereof, and forward the information to us so that we can show the Legislature that the current system is abused and needs a new law.
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    No it did not. Campus carry still needs permission from the campus prez etc.

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