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Thread: Jailed woman can sue Chicago PD IA on Fourth Amendment grounds. Volokh at Conspiracy

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    Jailed woman can sue Chicago PD IA on Fourth Amendment grounds. Volokh at Conspiracy

    "From Moore v. City of Chicago (N.D. Ill. Apr. 28, 2014) — it’s a long excerpt, but it’s hard for a summary to do justice to the allegations (and the uncontested facts). Cases like this make me enthusiastic about Glenn Reynolds’s and John Steakley’s argument for “A Due Process Right to Record the Police”, though I think there’s a First Amendment right to do so, too. Have a look, and you’ll see what I mean ..."
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    I liked reading the discussion on the recording of the police and the eavesdropping statue of Illinois.

    In CT, there is no similar statue...but there is one regarding recording telephone calls that most states have (not in person recording~there is no statue in CT concerning recording like Moore did here, where she consented to the recording and she is a party to the conversation).

    IAs do nothing. Even in this case where IA saw an issue, they only "talked" to the cop. They did not reprimand him and know his actions were wrong and found them wrong because they said it would not happen again (although they might just send over a different cop and start the process all over again).

    Last time I sued the city of Chicago, I won and they cut me a check within a week. So they do pay. A good person to sue from that standpoint.

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