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Thread: Example of how an armed churchman can make the difference between life and death

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    Example of how an armed churchman can make the difference between life and death

    Reacting to the Episcopal and Catholic Archbishops of the state of Georgia banning guns in their sanctuaries, please remember this wonderful gentleman and hero.

    Charl van Wyk is a full-time missionary and the best-selling author of ‘Shooting Back – The Right and Duty of Self-Defense’. He writes a monthly ministry newsletter and has had feature articles published by WND, an independent US news company.

    Charl has served on the committees of ministries such as Frontline Fellowship, Africa Christian Action, the Christian Action Network and REDTCO: The Gathering of the Children of God for the Transformation of the Congo. He is a founder member of Gun Owners of South Africa.
    Charl van Wyk was just an ordinary Christian man until July 25, 1993 - the day that would become known for the St. James Massacre. It was on this date that Van Wyk shot back at the terrorists who were attacking an innocent congregation gathered in worship, and saved many lives in the process.

    Wikipedia: The attack occurred during the Sunday evening service. Sichumiso Nonxuba, Bassie Mkhumbuzi, Gcinikhaya Makoma and Tobela Mlambisa approached the church in a vehicle stolen by Mlambisa and Makoma beforehand. Nonxuba, who commanded the unit, and Makoma entered the church armed with M26 hand grenades and R4 assault rifles. They threw the grenades and then opened fire on the congregation, killing 11 and wounding 58.[2] One member of the congregation, Charl van Wyk, who wrote a book about the event (Shooting Back), returned fire with a .38 special revolver, wounding one of the attackers. At this point they fled the church. Mkhumbuzi had been ordered to throw four petrol bombs into the church following the shooting, but abandoned this intention as all four fled in the vehicle.

    Members of the congregation killed were Guy Cooper Javens, Richard Oliver O'Kill, Gerhard Dennis Harker, Wesley Alfonso Harker, Denise Gordon, Mirtle Joan Smith, Marita Ackermann, Andrey Kayl, Karamjin Oleg, Varaksa Velentin and Pavel Valuet.[2] The last four on this list were Russian seamen attending the service as part of a church outreach programme. Another Russian seaman, Dmitri Makogon, lost both legs and an arm in the attack.
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    Since the Episcopal and Catholic Archbishops of the state of Georgia are being so worldly in their thinking, it's time to give them a response they'll feel on their worldly plain of existence: Stop tithing to their churches.

    I'm not encouraging you to stop tithing in general. Just find a different destination, like Compassion International or another charity not affiliated with the Episcopal and Catholic Archbishops of the state of Georgia.
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    Catholics don't have mandatory fees. Some churches do. I guess access to God costs them $$$. Bummer.

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