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Thread: Holster for accesorized firearm

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    Holster for accesorized firearm

    I have a Glock 20 that has an RMR on the top just forward of the rear sights. It has a tac light on the rail under barrel, and a threaded barrel (6.5" LWD) with either the brake or a suppressor (Osprey) I can mount on it. The problem I have is finding a holster that will accomodate the accessories at the same time. IE some the RMR is fine (SERPA 2) but won't accept the taclight, but they don't make the SERPA 2 for a Glock 20 with tac light (but do for other models). SERPA 3 has one for the gun and light, but the rear hood interferes with the DOT sight. Similar problem I find exists for the HK USP .45 or MK23 having a light and suppressor. Seems Blackhawk discriminates against the full size autos.

    I have looked at a few of the race gun holsters (ie Hogue) but most won't accomodate a gun with a light on the rail.

    Anyone have suggestions on a holster that has a minimal interference with said accessories and still has some retention value to it?
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    Find a custom holster craftsman...
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    Unless you have the xiphos tac light then you won't find anything from blackhawk.
    As walking wolf stated you'll need to go with a custom holster. BladeTech is the first one that comes to mind. I had one made for my Sig P226 Combat with Streamlight TLR1-s.
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