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Thread: Do Nebraska localities currently have power to require permits to open carry?

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    Do Nebraska localities currently have power to require permits to open carry?

    I thought the state legislature overturned the power of localities to ban open carry or require a permit. No?


    "Carrying a firearm in the open is legal in Nebraska, although state law lets local governments create restrictions. Omaha, for example, requires a permit to open-carry."

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    To my knowledge, the Omaha ordinace has not been tested in court.

    An identification card is required for those who wish to open carry in the city of Omaha. This card is issued to those who have completed an approved firearm training program (8-10 hours in classroom, 2 hours on shooting range). A notable exeption to this is that one may open carry if he possesses a valid CHP.
    - Omaha Municipal Code (Sec. 20-206,207)

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    Unfortunately, The State of Nebraska does not have a Comprehensive Firearm Preemption Statute that Stop Omaha from Enforcing most of Their Municipal Ordinances Governing Firearms and Firearm Ammunition.

    There was a Firearm Preemption Bill Filed in The Nebraska Legislature This Year, but it did not Pass. Representative Knitner Authored This Legislative Document, but it was 'Indefinitely Postponed' by The Nebraska Legislature on April 17, 2014.

    A Link is Available here:


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