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Thread: Wisconsin will review controversial Green Bay PD Wicklund arrest

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    Wisconsin will review controversial Green Bay PD Wicklund arrest

    Green Bay police have asked the state to review the departmentís investigation into the April 19 incident in which an officer shoved a man he was arresting against a parked car, then punched him while the man was on the ground. City police are close to completing their probe into the arrest of 29-year-old Joshua D. Wenzel of Caledonia but likely wonít release their findings until after a review overseen by the state Department of Justice, Capt. Bill Galvin said Wednesday. The arrest was captured on video and posted to YouTube, where it has spawned calls for Wicklundís firing from some watchers, and messages of support from others.

    Galvin said Green Bay could have asked for a review from criminal justice program officials at a local college, but felt that some members of the public might conclude that oversight from Northeast Wisconsin or Fox Valley technical colleges ó with which the department works closely ó was not impartial enough.

    Oversight by tech schools! The mind boggles.
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    This is standard procedure in Chicago when arrested a person with a GB Packers jacket on ... go figure.

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