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Thread: Partisan media driving a wedge between citizens, study finds.

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    Partisan media driving a wedge between citizens, study finds.

    Implications of Pro- and Counterattitudinal Information Exposure for Affective Polarization

    Abstract - The American electorate is characterized by political polarization, and especially by increasingly negative affective responses toward opposing party members. To what extent might this be attributed to exposure to information reinforcing individuals' partisan identity versus information representing the views of partisan opponents? And is this a uniquely American phenomenon? This study uses survey data collected immediately following recent national elections in two countries, the United States and Israel, to address these questions. Results across the two nations are generally consistent, and indicate that pro- and counterattitudinal information exposure has distinct influences on perceptions of and attitudes toward members of opposing parties, despite numerous cross-cultural differences. We discuss implications in light of recent evidence about partisans' tendency to engage in selective exposure. Full text paywalled

    Partisan media driving a wedge between citizens, study finds
    That finding is worrisome, said R. Kelly Garrett, lead author of the international study and associate professor of communication at The Ohio State University. "It means that getting your news from two partisan outlets on opposite sides of an issue is not the same as getting your news from one relatively neutral news outlet that tries to present both sides," Garrett said.

    Rather than seeking truth, people who visit both liberal and conservative news sites may be seeking an opportunity to see how wrong the other side is, he said.

    Seeing how wrong is the other side is called skepticism. Demanding suspension of skeptical disbelief is the narrative fallacy and the witch doctor's tool.
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    Skepticism is good. Cynicism can be a problem. The latter is what is being bred by partisan political media. It's passed from "I'm right, and you're wrong", to "you want to kill my grandmother" and "you want to execute gay people and racial minorities".
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