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Thread: June meet up for OC members?

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    June meet up for OC members?

    I was wondering who I would contact for recommendations for a place that is OC friendly for the June meet up? I have found a restaurant that is OC friendly and has a large enough space to accommodate a large group. Tasty China on W. Craig Rd. 4444 W Craig Rd #126, North Las Vegas, NV 89032
    (702) 868-3339 Just a suggestion and thanks for any help anyone can be to direct this to who ever schedules the meet and greets.

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    @ Mooch,

    Go to the main Open Carry Forum page and scroll-down to where you see the "States" listed...then find Nevada. Copy & Paste your post above there in the Nevada forum, as that's where it'll get the most/best local attention.

    When you click on Nevada, look for the area titled "Nevada Events" in particular. See what's up there also as there may be something going on already and/or answer your question(s). If not, you can post your question(s) there.

    I'm doing the same for my OC events I am scheduling here in Colorado...

    Good luck...and thanks for trying to be "OC active" in your local area!

    P.S. Will also send this to you via PM...
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    Moved this to the Nevada sub-forum.

    Check the local events -there may already be something planned near you.
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