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Thread: Hello from a newbie from Hillsboro

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    Hello from a newbie from Hillsboro

    Hello all,
    I've been hanging in the back ground, here for years, never deciding whether or not I agree with O.C.. I'm still sitting the fence if whether I would have the patients and the knowledge to deal with questions from LEOs. Although I believe from vids I've seen, OR. LEOs seem to be the most respectful of all other states I've viewed.
    I finally decided that if I do or don't there's always strength in numbers of members and supporters.
    So with that being said, I'd walk along c.c. with some O.C. folks from my area just to show support.
    I realize this may seem cowardice to some.

    Thanx for reading this, jg

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    Welcome first of all, a lot to be learned here. For a meet-up just pick a good central place in your area, and announce a date, and time. Schedule about 2-3 weeks out for people to check their schedule, and make any arrangements. Obviously weekends are best for most people, so say coffee somewhere at 10 am. Don't ask when people want to meet, you will get a hundred different answers. No mater what day you pick it will not meet every bodies schedule. I've OC'd for four years, and yet to have a truly negative leo/civilian encounter. Carry on either way.
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