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Thread: Is this child endangerment? Kid gets ahold of a gun and shoots the owner

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    Is this child endangerment? Kid gets ahold of a gun and shoots the owner

    The Burlington County Prosecutor's Office says a child, described as a preteen, somehow got his hand on the chief's holstered service weapon and fired a shot. ^^

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    "We were a little bit nervous for a little bit that maybe there was something going on and someone was running around with a gun so we all came back inside," Harris said.
    No, no worries, only the cops had the guns, as this is New Jersey after all. So obviously there were no firearms accidents. Oh, wait... Nevermind.

    As for your title question, there is not enough information. Hell, there is hardly any information on how it happened to even guess as to why.
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    So, someone 12 year old or younger, somehow wrested a firearm from a fully trained law enforcement professional, and shoots the cop in the leg?
    Some people just shouldn't be allowed out in public without a guardian.

    "Someone was able to get a gun when they shouldn't of even had it in the first place..." And I bet I know who that person was.
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