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Thread: thanks OC, another business bans oc.....

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    thanks OC, another business bans oc.....

    this subject was deleted before due to "oc not about long guns"....yet some kid keeps walking around with his long guns doing OC and getting quite the media circus and has a little fan club here that keeps posting 'news' with him doing oc with his "long guns".


    my thread about some drama queens in texas doing their oc with long guns at a restaurant, w/no notice to police, nor restaurant, that caused the jack in the box employees to become fearful and hide in the freezer....

    Imagine this: you’re working your shift at Jack in the Box, serving up chicken nuggets and shakes behind the counter, when a group of men carrying assault rifles walks in. What do you do?

    In Fort Worth, Texas last week, employees took to the fast food outlet’s freezer, hiding among the frozen burger patties until squad cars arrived at the scene.

    “Officers spoke with Jack in the Box employees who reported that they feared for their lives and believed they were being robbed,” said the Fort Worth Police Department in a statement.

    They locked themselves in the freezer.

    But these men weren’t robbers. They were demonstrators from a branch of pro-gun group Open Carry Texas, who told local media that they entered Jack in the Box armed in a display of their constitutional rights.

    These sorts of rallies are nothing new. Last August, gun enthusiasts held a nationwide Starbucks Appreciation Day, posting photos on social media showing them posing with their weapons alongside their lattes.
    drama queens hit jack in the box, a private business, and now that business is NOT friendly to oc for anyone.

    good job dumb*****.
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    The previous thread determined that:

    • There was no real incident of note.
    • That they employees never locked (cant do that anyway) themselves in the freezer.
    • All checked out through FOIA request.

    Was there a long gun OC walk? Yes.

    Was anyone greatly concerned? Were the participants arrested? No to both.

    See no need to stir this further.
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