I realize this is an open carry forum but when you lose one right it's a short road to losing other rights. I am waiting for a return phone call from the PA AG's office but I have confirmed with UTAH that PA no longer will honor resident or non-resident Utah Permits.

You PA guys and gals should be very concerned. The PA AG is NOT a friend of the Second Amendment. As the number of states grow whose permits PA will not honor so do the number that will not honor PA's permits. It's time to call the Governor (not the AG) and let him know that you want this trend reversed NOW or you'll be voting for someone else. If he doesn't care, let the Republican Party know your dollars and votes will go elsewhere.

Here's the Governor's phone number: 717-787-2500 Burn down the switch board. Tell your neighbors and friends and tell them to tell everyone they know. Don't sit this one out.