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Thread: Fashion Designers Taking Advantage of Gun Laws

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    Fashion Designers Taking Advantage of Gun Laws

    Now that Illinois has become the 50th state to legally allow some degree of concealed weapons, several Chicago designers are ready to cash in on the change, coming up with creative and stylish ways for interested parties to hide their firearms.
    Not sure where to go with this topic given the requirements my wife places on "designer" apparel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OC for ME View Post
    Not sure where to go with this topic given the requirements my wife places on "designer" apparel.
    The GAP is not designer apparel ... lol

    You have convinced your wife of that? More power to ya !

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    The perpetual problem - women wanting fashion vs. women needing practicality for the carry of (let alone concealing of) handguns.

    I'm in favor of high fashion taking on the challenge. It will (pardon the expression) expose the kinks and lead towards a solution that actually works to provide women with their competing desires. Soon I hope the fashionistas will begin bringing in folks with real-world experience in both retaining a handgun and being able to reach and deploy that handgun in a "reasonable" amount of time and with "reasonable" effort. (Not that I, as a registered dirty old man, have any real heartburn over the full-length zipper approach, mind you.)

    Then we can look forward to the forum debates of how women can secure their handguns while visiting the little girls' room. That is a conversation I would gladly pay to hear.

    stay safe.
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