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Thread: Roy Rogers proves concealment is better than OC

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    Roy Rogers proves concealment is better than OC

    I've been wrong all this time.

    Roy Rogers proved long ago that OC holsters are just asking for a gun-grab and concealment is the ultimate tactical advantage.
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    Hard to argue when you see it happen before your very eyes.

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    I guess Gecko21sfpistol was right... drawing that spring-loaded Derringer from concealment WAS faster than drawing from the holster.
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    But then you'd have to wear a stupid hat all the time.

    And how do you fit a 1911 in it?

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    Hard to believe Roy Rogers would have anything to do with something as underhanded as a sneaky hat gun. The reason it's hard to believe is because my dad wouldn't buy me one. (He'd already bought me the "belt buckle" derringer that popped out and fired when you raised your hands!)
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    A recoilless derringer - whoda thunk it?
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    MDA should start a petition against the toy hat gun. (sarcasm)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primus View Post
    But then you'd have to wear a stupid hat all the time.

    And how do you fit a 1911 in it?
    I like hats. I like to keep the sun off.

    On the second part......get a bigger hat. They go all the way up to the "ten gallon" size,eh?

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    1st off he wsas still OCing the hat gun was just his "bug".

    2nd can you imagine if kids had this today the cops would mow them down.

    How in the world did we ever survive as kids and not one of us turned into mass murdering gunman when we had all this fire power???

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