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Thread: Daycare open carry

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    Daycare open carry

    Does anyone know of any law that would prevent me from open carrying at a daycare facility?
    I know I can't conceal carry per KRS 237.110 but can't find anything relating to open carry since KRS 527.070 seems to apply to k-12 based on my reading. It also appears that the GFSZA is also k-12.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gutshot View Post

    There is no Ky. statute that prohibits OC in a daycare facility. If the facility is private property, the owner may prohibit all guns if they want to. If the facility is on public property OC could not be prohibited unless it was on school property.
    I know daycare facilities are explicitly mentioned (and definitions cross-referenced in other KRSs) in parts of the CC laws but nothing about OC. Then again, the law does occassionally use the BS excuse "except where federal law prohibits" (does anyone have a link to a list of federally prohibited places btw?)

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