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Thread: Is THIS OC Enuff for ya' ?

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    If it's visible to common observation, it's OC. If you have to lift or move something to see it, it's CC.

    Hope that answers your question.

    stay safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scott58dh View Post
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    My EDC is a Ruger SP101 357 mag. 3" in a N82 Tactical = (Nate Squared) IWB to utilize the versatility/option of the need to CC when I determine the necessity to do so, which is usually when my wife is with me or I'm going into a local business (not places that are Legally binding against Carrying,= Federal, etc.) that may frown upon my right to carry.

    So, I'm just kinda wondering if THIS qualifies as OC or is your opinion of the ilk that I'm "cheating myself of the real thang" ?
    Moved this to the Maine sub-forum as the laws are state specific.

    You've been around here how long now and you have to ask what qualifies as OC? IWB or OWB is a personal choice.
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    Some just want verification by others for the questionable actions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scott58dh View Post
    I hope you don't think that I was trying to start that age old argument, that's the furthest from my my intentions.

    I should have phrased my question in a different manner, sorry.

    I was just wondering if others here @ OCDO are comfortable with an IWB OC approach or they choose to let the whole "Hog Leg" hang out in the open with OWB holster.

    No harm No foul.
    There may be more that one opinion on this subject, but IMO, IWB or OWB is not the issue. The issue is whether or not the weapon is hidden from plain view. If it is clearly detectable as a firearm it is OC. I suspect that there will be some purists that will disagree, in both directions. I carry just as I please, OC or CC, inside or outside the waistband, as I decide best fits my place, circumstance, purpose and whim. I often carry very discretely concealed and other times I carry the biggest most obvious gun that I own in the most obvious manner I can think of. I also carry in every manner in between these two extremes, if I think it appropriate. If my choice doesn't suit someone else, tough. I personally don't like IWB. I think it is uncomfortable, but there may times that I put up with the discomfort. If you or anyone else likes it, its fine with me.
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