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Thread: MD's Recent Gun Control Law, "It's Not About Policy, It's About Votes."

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    MD's Recent Gun Control Law, "It's Not About Policy, It's About Votes."

    Smoking Gun Affidavit from Kolbe v. O’Malley Lawsuit Confirms Md. Gun Control Bill an Unconstitutional Political Ploy by Governor.

    Posted on May 13, 2014 by MD Delegate Smigiel

    The former Commander of the Maryland State Police Licensing Division, Captain Jack McCauley, signed a sworn affidavit on April 24, 2014, which acknowledges what most of what the law abiding 2nd Amendment Community had known and argued all along.
    Captain McCauley, stated under the penalty of perjury, that while he was at a meeting with State Delegates where he was assigned to answer their questions about the Maryland Firearms Safety Act, (SB-281) that he was asked if the proposed ban on the sale of certain firearms and detachable magazines would have any affect on crime in Maryland.

    As the Commander was about to answer the question he was directed by one of the Governor’s attorneys, Ms. Shanetta Paskel, to not answer the question.
    Just a few days ago, Captain McCauley gave sworn testimony that had he been allowed to answer my questions he would have stated that The Maryland Firearms Safety Act would have had no effect on crime in Maryland!

    The banned firearms are almost never used in crimes. At most, they are used in 5% of firearms-related crimes in Maryland.
    The banned firearms are also not used disproportionately in attacks on law enforcement officers. In fact, the majority of officers who are assaulted with firearms are attacked with handguns

    The Act would not have an impact on Mass shootings. The Task Force to Study Those With Mental Illness and their access to Firearms (of which Captain McCauley was the Co-Chair), concluded the most important factor to preventing mass shootings was ensuring proper mental health care to the public, treatment of mental illnesses, and training law enforcement officers…

    Something that I nor anyone one else in the room was privy to happened immediately after the meeting broke up, when the Governor’s attorney, Ms. Paskel told the Captain why she had ordered him to not answer questions. The Captain states that she explained that he was ordered not to reply because “it’s not about policy, it’s about votes…”

    What is most disappointing is not only that the Executive Branch of Government saw fit to use the State Police as a political tool to achieve a political end which not only does not make the public safer but actually puts them more at threat to harm from criminals, but the press will ignore this gross violation of the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Maryland. You will not see any headlines proclaiming that the Governor knew the lies he spewed to pass his gun control legislation were going to do nothing to curtail crime.

    Read this post in its entirety:

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    O'Malley would like to be president. Hang on to this article to live again when he runs.

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