Alliant Herco Powder For 9MM


At a recent area gun show, I was able to buy four pounds of Alliant Herco Powder. I know this is not one of the newer preferred powders for reloading the 9mm luger cartridge, 115 and 124gr FMJ target loads.

However, some of my old reloading manuals recommend a variety of Herco Powder loads for the 9mm luger 115 & 124 FMJ & Lead bullets. But it helps when you can get updated result info from reloaders" who use Herco Powder for their M&P 9mm.

Does anyone on this forum currently use Herco for reloading the 9mm luger cartridge for the S&W M&P F/S 9MM. And if so, would you give me your pro and con results and the load data you used?

Powder being as scarce as it is, I hope I can make this work with my 2013 model s&w m&p f/s 9mm. Any and All suggestions, responses and tips will be greatly appreciated.