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Thread: Saw my first OC in Fulton County yesterday

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    Saw my first OC in Fulton County yesterday

    A man, his wife and two kids were eating lunch in Fulton County yesterday. He was open carrying a 1911 in a Serpa holster. No one ran screaming from the restaurant, no police showed up and no one gave him a second look. We exchanged pleasantries discussing 1911's all in all a good experience.

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    I live just across the river from memphis where i OC all the time without an issue. MS went constitutional carry last year. Just prior to the MS law, i asked four cops i saw at a gas station about the new OC law and they said the same thing AR cops are saying. That parents and kids will run in fear and panic from me, random CCs or LEOs will shoot me without asking questions, criminals will shoot me first and the world will generally collapse into a black hole......... law went into effect, nothing happened.

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