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Thread: Not RTBA related exactly. In need of low cost auto mechanic services

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    Not RTBA related exactly. In need of low cost auto mechanic services

    I got super lucky and managed to purchase a used 1994 van so that I can commute to and from college in Olympia. Overall, the van is in really good condition. It does however need some minor repairs and maintenance. A big reason I got myself a vehicle finally is so that I can cut down on the constant exposure to the public of my open carry while taking public transportation. I know, I'm not doing anything wrong, but there are times when I really just want to be left alone by the idiots out there that also take the bus.

    Anyway... if there is anybody out there that is a mechanic or does work on their own cars/trucks that can lend a hand for some minor repairs such as hose replacement, minor electrical work, tune ups and such, I would greatly appreciate it.

    p.s. I'm just looking for help with the actual work not hand outs of parts and such. Basically, I get the parts, somebody else helps me out with the labor. I'd be willing to throw in a 6pack or a box of ammo for the kindness :P
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    If only I weren't so dang busy buying a house, working full time, doing side jobs and balancing time with family.
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    I've got plenty of tools and a garage if you wanna make the trip to port orchard. My dad will drink the beer and I'll take the ammo.

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