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Blacks comprise disproportionately high number of Charlottesville stop-and-frisks
Blacks in Charlottesville have been suspected of a crime by police and pulled aside for a warrantless patdown, known as a stop-and-frisk, at more than twice the rate of whites in the past 18 months, according to a report documenting the procedure’s use.

In fact, blacks were frisked in 70 percent of roughly 140 patdowns, police Chief Timothy J. Longo told the City Council during a presentation Monday. Whites were frisked in 29 percent of the patdowns.


Patdowns happen when an officer believes a suspect might be armed.

“Stop-and-frisk happens all the time,” said local criminal defense attorney and former Albemarle County prosecutor Scott Goodman. “It’s a routine part of law enforcement.”

Of city police patdowns since late 2012, 46 percent were initiated by a dispatcher directing officers. Police initiated the remaining 54 percent.

Longo’s report did not state the number of people cited or arrested following the stops.
First, why in the world is it "routine" -- because we the people might be armed? And second, why are "dispatchers" getting involved? And why isn't there a state law mandating statistics be kept?

Is so-called "officer safety" so important that a police-state is acceptable?