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Thread: Open carry week in mitchell & sioux falls

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    Open carry week in mitchell & sioux falls

    I went to watch my son in state golf meet in Mitchell, SD & Sioux falls SD. Open carried the whole time in the mall stores restaurants and even at state meet golf course. I met other gun owners at golf course and stated that I open carry to show that I as a gun owner I'm friendly, polite & also out going and desire to promote this to others. That gun owners are not a threat to anyone or looking for trouble. And will defend my family if needed from criminal attack. I had no problems like I was not even their at these places, I love freedom.

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    I hardly ever have any problems until tourist season comes around. Then I get the out of state people freaking out when they see my 1911. I carried on the 1880 Train last summer when family came to visit and you should have seen some of the looks I was getting.

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