Arranging for the 15-passenger van for the post-breakfast tour (which BTW has been bumped up to 8:30 AM) involves the calling in of favors and other "expenses".

I was willing to incur those "for the greater good" but it seems there is not enough interest/commitment to make the event worthwhile. We are currently at three (3) persons committed - me, our professional driver/tour guide Scouser, and the guest of honor HPmatt. I can carry Scouser and HPmatt in my personal van without needing to clean out any junk or rearrange the seats.

Without firm commitments to make getting the van worth the effort and "expense", I see no need to bother. Anybody who will make the commitment needs to let me know by 3:30 PM Friday 5/23*, because at that time I will be cancelling it unless there are more folks than we currently have.

Regardless of whether we have a 15-passenger van or use my personal vehicle HPmatt will still get his chance to OC in the Capitol, and to see many of the sights of interest, and those that want to try to keep up with us are welcome to do so in their own vehicles. Besides the crazy driving the biggest thing you will miss is any commentary Scouser may be providing while we are moving.

Post your commitment to ride along here, on the post-breakfast thread, or PM me. Just do it so I get it before 3:30 PM Friday 5/23*.

stay safe.

* - that gives me a very few minutes to let the person with the van know - otherwise I will be obligated to picking it up.