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Thread: Open carry at car accident

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    Monday night around 5:30 my wife and I were sitting in the backyard having some coffee and watching our chickens do their thing. I had my Glock 23 strapped to my side as usual. I open carry around home all the time. We were enjoying the afternoon when we heard a loud crash and the sound of car parts scattering down the road. I immediately headed for the front yard and told my wife to call 911.

    As I rounded the side of the house I could see one car in my front yard with the roof smashed and some parts missing and another car in the middle of the street with its front drivers side quarter pannel smashed. As it turns out, both drivers were a little banged up but nothing serious.

    The car in my front yard was being driven by an 18 year old kid that was going up to the high school for something and tried to pass a car that was slowing down to turn left into my neighbors driveway. The kids car went into the ditch and rolled twice and landed on its wheels.

    It was a full 5 min. before the police arrived. I figured one of them would give me **** for open carrying but I was wrong. They were professional and polite and didn't seem to care that I was open carrying. I talked with them for a little while and they said that this was their third crash this afternoon.

    This was the Bainbridge Township, Ohio police department. Good guys.

    A few thoughts got reinforced from this:

    1) The cops will not be there to save you when things go bad.

    2) Things can go bad in a hurry. You won't have time to go "find" your gun.

    3) My startled reaction time is still pretty quick.

    My security cameras caught the whole thing with an overlaid time stamp. From the moment of impact to me being out of my chair and heading for the front yard was under 4 seconds. Not bad for 48.
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    In theory after all these years there shouldn't be ANY police in Ohio be they city, township, county, or state, that are NOT read in to the legality of open carry. Glad that was your experience. Since you are a "jump in and help" kind of guy, kudos for that. And, we could always use that kind of person in the fight whenever we run across one of those PD's who aren't up to speed on open and/or concealed carry.

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