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Thread: Brady Center lawsuit to use “smart” gun mandate to trigger handgun ban in New Jersey

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    Brady Center lawsuit to use “smart” gun mandate to trigger handgun ban in New Jersey

    Earlier this week, the Brady Campaign filed a lawsuit seeking a writ of mandamus to compel the New Jersey Attorney General to issue the aforesaid report, declaring that the statutory conditions have been met. This would initiate the countdown to the prohibition of the sale of normal handguns. The complaint alleges that the New Jersey Attorney General has never issued the reports, except for a possible report in 2003 which the Attorney General is presently unable to find. The complaint further alleges that the statutory condition for the handgun ban has been met, since for at least a brief time, one retailer in Maryland and one in California had such a gun in their inventory. The suit was filed in Superior Court, the New Jersey trial court of general jurisdiction.
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    They don't have standing to file such a mandamus motion.

    A motion to dismiss is in order.

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