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Thread: search warrants executed after college shooting

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    search warrants executed after college shooting

    I am reading on the news that multiple search warrants were executed by county sheriffs, city police, FBI and ATF after the college shooting in Santa Barbara.

    However, why are any search warrants being served and how could a judge approve these ?

    Apparently there were 3 guns recovered in the car of the shooter. Officers on scene obtained the registered owner of the guns in 3 minutes on scene. They came back to the registered owner of the car which is the same ID as the deceased and the person witnesses said was responsible for the shooting.

    Why did the LEO need to serve search warrants at each shop that he purchased the guns from ? They knew he wasn't a prohibited person so they can know that the guns were purchased legally.

    Why did they search his parents home ? Why did the search 7 different homes ?

    Who exactly are they investigating ?

    The police keep saying they are "searching for a motive" but I don't believe our constitution allows police to search and seize property or persons in order to obtain a "motive".

    There is no indication a prosecution is needed. So why all the searches ?

    Looks to me like a broad based, wide net fishing expedition.

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    FFls records are already available for LEO, ATF, etc. Maybe a warrant to cover any issues.

    Perhaps they have evidence that others were involved.

    Waiting for more facts .... but the OP brings up good info ..

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